RAHIM YAR KHAN - The Iqbalabad Police have registered a case against a man on charges of kidnapping his sister-in-law.  Complaint Khadim Hussain, a resident of Taj Garah, said that his daughter Shabeerian Bibi had gone missing and accused Shoukat Ali, husband of his elder daughter of her abduction.  He said that he had not been on good terms with Shoukat Ali after his daughter told him about the latter’s advances towards her few months ago.

He further said that his daughter told him that Shoukat Ali forced her to illicit relation with him but she refused him.  He alleged that Shoukat had threatened him with dire consequences following an argument over the issue.  Khadim Hussain alleged that the police was not cooperating with him.  The other side, the Iqbalabad Police SHO said that the police had lodged FIR 121/12-365B and searching for Shoukat.