KARACHI – NIT is actively engaged in promotion of its funds extensively. Informative KIOSKS are being organised at Provincial and Federal Capital level by local NIT branches to introduce and familiarise potential customers with the range, benefits and investment opportunities in NIT Funds, says a press release.

In continuation of this exercise, NIT availed the opportunity to setup a kiosk for the participants of a high level Nation Conference, organized by Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG), at a local hotel recently.

The conference was attended by CEOs, MDs and high officials of the corporate sector of Pakistan. NIT staff introduced NIT funds, its advantages and tax benefits to the high profile executives of Pakistan’s corporate sector.

KIOSK serviceis an initiative of Chairman/Managing Director NITL, Mr. Wazir Ali Khoja. Another kiosk is planned at FTC Building, Karachi on 16th& 17thApril, 2012.