SARGODHA - Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that he cursed the assembly and it members on thousands counts which had signed the approval of Nato supply restoration.

“I am not a noble and pious person but the [nobles] made their face black by passing the Nato supply restoration bill.” The AML chief expressed these views while addressing to a public gathering on the occasion of the inauguration of the Awami Muslim League office at Factory Area Chowk here the other day. Sh Rasheed alleged that the incumbent rulers had passed 18th, 19th and 20th Amendments of Constitution for their own vested interest otherwise they had no significance for the poor masses.

The outspoken leader emphasised that if the nation wanted to live honourably and with dignity it would have to get rid of these rules.

What these corrupt rulers have given to the nation over the past four year except crises and humiliation,” he claimed, adding that the rulers were hoodwinking the nation through ‘false intoxicants’ instead of creating jobs and utilising national resources for development and prosperity of the country. He emphasised that the masses should come forward to get free themselves from the corrupt duo of Zardari and Gilani. The AML chief claimed that Liaquat Bagh would be turned into “Tehreek Square” on August 13.

He also paid homage to the brave Pak Army soldiers who had buried under an avalanche in Siachen. He again reiterated that the restoration of Nato supply would not be tolerated. Earlier, the AML activists warmly welcomed Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on his arrival in Sargodha.

AML organiser Ch Muhammad Akram Amir and others leaders were present on the occasion.