RAWALPINDI  - Director General Emergency Services Rescue 1122, Dr Rizwan Naseer, has directed all District Emergency Officers of Punjab to observe Rescue Earth Week in all over the Punjab from April 16 to April 22.

He said the increasing number of emergencies and disasters taking place due to the change in the environmental, habitat, global warming, Ozone depletion and pollution etc. have necessitated all communities to join hands to rescue the mother earth so that we can prevent these disasters. In this regard all District Emergency Officers have been directed to execute plan activities to create awareness amongst community regarding the importance of rescuing the mother earth to prevent emergencies and disaster.

The Emergency Service in all districts will carry out activities, during the week (April 16 to 22), including turn off all fans, unnecessary lights except Control Room from 09 to 12 pm on daily basis, unnecessary electrical appliances (Refrigerator, Water Dispensers & Coolers, TVs, Radios, Computers, LCDs, Printers, Photo Copiers, Electrical Kettles) from 09 To 12 pm, using Handkerchief instead of Tissue Paper, using Ink pen instead of ball point and using proper cloth bag instead of Polythene bags for carrying goods, Making office environment paperless, cleaning of Offices, Stations, Vehicles, Equipments.

Establish green plantation in already existing garbage/empty dirty areas with stations for eventual transformation into green areas to establish community gardens.

The Rescuers will also establish Camps at rescue stations that shall benefit to flourish Rescue Earth Awareness among community filling of prescribed pledge forms from the community at camps by earth community and at the same time to make the earth clean, green and save to live, work and visit in a harmony.

The Director General Rescue 1122, Dr. Rizwan Naseer requested the community to join hands with Rescue 1122 to rescue the earth and donate at least one plant for green earth. He further said rescuers will hold awareness walk on April 22 in all districts from their Central Rescue Stations including Rawalpindi.