Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Sunday said provincial government is constructing sports grounds by retrieving government lands from qabza groups. He was addressing an inaugural ceremony of Mian Mir Sports Complex at Basti Saidan Shah, Upper Mall said that the construction of new sports grounds would facilitates our youth to take over the reign of the country as a confident and bold leadership. He blamed that in the past, Musharraf and his cronies patronized the qabza groups like industry but Pakistan Muslim League-N is returning a prosperous Pakistan to the youth by eliminating negative culture of qabza forever. If the provision of sports opportunities to the youth is a crime, then he will commit this crime repeatedly as youth are the precious asset of the country, he added. He said that he will continue to serve the masses till his last breath. He said that sports culture has been promoted in the province and modern facilities of sports are being provided to the youth by retrieving the government land from grabbers so that healthy activities could be promoted. He said that load-shedding of electricity and price-hike has made the life of the people miserable. He said that in such a situation, qabza groups will not be allowed to grab the government land rather healthy recreational facilities are being provided to the people by retrieving land from qabza groups. He said that action is being taken against qabza groups without any discrimination in the province and public welfare projects have been started by retrieving government land from them. The Chief Minister said that a network of sports grounds is being laid from Attock to Rahim Yar Khan so that lakhs of youth should win the laurels for the country at international level by benefitting from modern sports facilities. Shahbaz Sharif disclosed that qabza groups tried to construct plazas and petrol pump on government land opposite Allama Iqbal International Airport but the government foiled their bid.