HYDERABAD  - Sindh Agriculture Department Saturday announced various crop management committees on cotton, chillies, wheat, sugarcane and paddy to plan policies, assess production, introduce new technologies and explore local and international markets along with other measures such as improving research and extension activities in the province.

According to a spokesman, Sindh Agriculture Minister Syed Ali Nawaz Shah will act as Chairman and Sindh Agriculture Secretary Aijaz Ali Khan will act as Member/Vice Chairman of these committees with representation of growers’ organisations, central cotton committee, cotton ginners association, irrigation department, fertiliser companies as well as private sector companies as members of the committees.

Besides, the Director General Agriculture Extension, Director General Agriculture Research, Managing Director Sindh Seed Corporation and Regional Director Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department will also act as members.

The objectives of these committees will be to provide policy suggestions and recommendations to optimise productivity, finalise the crop production assessment plan and varieties which need to be promoted, introduce new technology and management practices, generate public-private partnership in research related activities and encourage institutional linkages at regional, national and international levels.

The committees will also suggest measures for local and international marketing.

 of produce and create awareness, arrange and conduct performance audit of research/ extension activities, suggest measures for capacity building of stakeholders, review research and extension plan/activities and provide guidelines for improvement.

These committees will also review the availability of all inputs including water and other items.