LAHORE – The Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) has disqualified six paper setters on account of preparing wrong instructions for marking of answer sheets of the Secondary School (Annual) Examination, 2012.

Marking of answer sheets for the Secondary School (Annual) Examination, 2012 is in full swing. Head examiners/paper setters of relevant subjects prepare the marking instructions. According to specified instructions, the sub-examiners check the answer sheets. Marking of Islamyat is going to be held tomorrow (Monday). Part of one question in Islamyat was wrongly prepared which has been corrected later on. On account of inefficiency, BISE Chairman Nasrullah Virk disqualified the paper setters for all kind of Board’s assignments. The six are included: Arshad Ali, Senior Subject Specialist, Government Higher Secondary School, Wah Radha Ram, Ch Ghulam Rasul, Headmaster, Govt Dar-ul-Furqan High School, Begumpura, Muhammad Shabbir Toor, Senior Headmaster (R), Asghar Ali, Senior Subject Specialist, Government Higher Secondary School, 40/3-R, Okara and Riaz Ahmad, Senior Headmaster, Govt High School, Kot Ranjeet, Sheikhupura. Similarly, Javed Iqbal, paper setter in the subject of Mathematics/ Sr Headmaster, Govt. High School, Lakhoder has also been disqualified on account of preparation of wrong instructions for marking. Corrected instructions have been distributed to all the sub-examiners.