ISLAMABAD  - Residents of Ali Pur Taramri Chowk have protested against non-supply of clean drinking water by CDA. This is thickly populated area and most of the population consists of government employees but no arrangement has been made by the CDA to supply clean drinking water to us. We don’t have much time to bring water from filtration plants operating in remote localities, said Ali Akbar, a schoolteacher.

“We have to purchase water and it costs Rs 600 per water tank. In this age of inflation how long our pocket will allow us to buy water when it has become hard to purchase daily use items for family, said a group of residents.

Members of every second family of this area is suffering from abdominal diseases due to use of contaminated water, said Khizar Hayat, a trader. Social and religious circles demanded immediate supply of clean drinking water to the area.