LAHORE - US Special Adviser on Pakistan and Afghanistan Ambassador Rabin Raphel called on PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at Raiwind on Saturday.

During the meeting matters of mutual interest came under discussion. US Consul Nina Fite was also present in the meeting.

The meeting was held in the background when the Parliament has approved new rules of strategic engagement with the US, Nato and ISAF for the sake of restoring supply of only medicines and food items, minus arms and ammunitions, to them in Afghanistan.

The 14-point formulated by the Parliament Committee on National Security (PCNS) which stand endorsed by the joint session of Parliament, contain immediate end to drone attacks on Pakistani soil from across the borders as one of the cardinal demands which was principally incorporated in the list on the insistence of PML-N.

However, a late media reports from US suggests the US has no intention to put an end to drone attacks and it will continue to hit the suspects on the soil of Pakistan.

The party of the Sharifs has however put its foot down to get the Parliament resolution on the new rules implemented. PML-N strongly favours dialogue instead of use of force to solve the Afghan issue.

Another significant aspect is the cut of USAID in most of the 105 areas where the funds from that source were flowing. Punjab over the last year has renounced to accept the foreign aid in any form for the provincial projects.