It has been learnt that World Bank has refused to fund Dasu Dam (The Nation of 25-03-2013) due to its objections over the appointment of Chairman WAPDA as Coordinator, for various power transmissions companies. This run of the river power project was expected to produce over 4,320 MW of power located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, if it had been completed in next 14 years. If Pakistan could have financed the project from its own resources, at a cost of $ 5,206 million, it would not have required World Bank funding. Against this Kalabagh Dam, which could have stored 6.1 MAF of water and generated 3,600 MW of power, costing only $6,000 million could have been completed in 6 years, but the idea never bore fruit, as anti people policies of PPP and ANP made it into a political debate.

They took Kalabagh Dam out of the realm of technical engineering into the filthy arena of politics. A political group that could not decide on a caretaker Prime Minister, who would have been in office for a few weeks, had to revert to ECP for resolving the issue, how can we expect them to come to any consensus over Kalabagh Dam?


Lahore, April 4.