WAZIRABAD-PML-J Chief Hamid Nasir Chattha took strong exception to the use of word ‘traitor’ for President (r) Gen Musharraf. “An army chief cannot be a traitor and this word should be omitted from the Constitution and replaced with law breaker.”

“To call our own army chief who led the army for years a traitor is an insult,” he said. He pointed out that politicians had contested elections under this so-called traitor and many of them even took oath as ministers from the same traitor.

Despite the lapse of over eight months, the Nawaz Sharif government had not moved even an inch on its election promise of setting up a national accountability commission to check corruption and stop the corrupt, he claimed.

He was talking a delegation of media men led by Electronic Media Club Chairman Zafar Ullah Nomani in village Ahmad Nagar here the other day.  Chattha said that blaming only Musharraf for enforcing emergency or martial law and letting others off the hook was a conspiracy against the country.  “If cases have to be filed against Musharraf under Article 6, then instead of Nov 3, 2007, they should be heard from 0ct 12, 1999,” he stressed.

Chattha said that those who were holding Musharraf responsible for the emergency rule and wanted him to be hanged were unfair and unjust in their demand.

He advised the PML-N govt to better focus on issues like loadshedding, price hike and law and order instead of playing up with the Musharraf case to divert the attention of the masses from them.

In its manifesto, the PML-N had also pledged, “All holders of public offices will be required to file statements of assets and liabilities prior to assuming office and every year thereafter, which will be made available to the public and the authorities concerned for scrutiny.” Here too the PML-N’s promised remained unfulfilled and no such direction has been passed in any case of public office holder, he claimed.

He said that despite the hue and cry raised by the media in regard to the controversial declarations of assets by the MPs and their shady tax returns, the PML-N government ignored the grey areas of the MPs.

As per its commitment in the manifesto, the MPs asset declarations and their tax matters should have been referred to the concerned authorities for scrutiny.