ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of Tasif Malik missing person case for indefinite period.  A 3-member bench of SC led by Justice Nasir ul Mulk was to hear this case on Monday but the hearing was adjourned due to hearing of different cases in the larger bench of SC.

Col (Retd) Inam ur Rahim counsel for Tasif Malik told the media men on Monday that the meeting of Tasif Malik with his wife in separation could not be arranged despite issuance of court’s orders on four times.

The court had ordered in clear terms that meeting of Tasif Malik be arranged in separation with his wife and its report be presented before it.

However, Interior Ministry has shifted Tasif Malik from Lakki Murawwat to another City under court’s orders, he added. But his meeting has not been arranged with his family members despite court’s orders, he added.–Online