VEHARI-Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhter said that the only solution to the unrest in the country was dialogues, adding that whenever the government started a military operation, the country suffered huge loss like Fall of Dhaka.

“We should play a vital role to make the dialogues productive,” he said during a press conference at Vehari. “The secret agencies which are neglecting the orders of Supreme Court must be controlled for the discovery of missing persons. During the previous government of Punjab, the PML-N passed revolutions for Bahawalpur province and South Punjab province. Now, the party is in power at federal as well as provincial levels. Why it is not willing to implement these revolutions. The government should also admit the demand of Hazara province.”

He demanded the formation of a permanent parliamentary committee to oversee the issues regarding India. He said that inflation had disturbed the common men. He demanded increase in workers’ salaries up to 50 percent with minimum pension of Rs10,000. He said that cases against Musharraf are in the court thus the matter should not be discussed and let the court decide. Criticising the police department, he said that complainants had to grease the policemen’s palm for getting justice.

He also said that the present government had done nothing in the favour of the people as inflation was increasing day by day and petrol, diesel, gas and electricity rates are increased after very short intervals. He demanded fixation of prices of these commodities on yearly basis. He noted the Protection of Pakistan Bill is against the Constitution as it allows arrest of anyone without reason. He praised the election of Sarajul Haq as Jamaat’s new ameer.