MULTAN - PPPP Secretary General and former Punjab Governor Latif Khosa has declared that PPPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will visit Punjab by the end of current month. Addressing party ticket-holders, lawyers and office bearers of different wings of the party here at South Punjab secretariat, he said that only visionary and young leadership of Bilawal Bhutto could steer the country out of crisis. He lashed out at the government and said that despite the fact that all political parties mandated the government to hold talks with Taliban, it completely failed to deliver. He added that the government was highly confused on this topic as a result of which masses faced chaos. He said that the masses desperately looked for peace but the rulers failed to discharge their obligations successfully. “The government has not introduced any visible or successful foreign, internal or financial policy so far which shows that the rulers are focused on just accomplishing their tenure,” he maintained.

He said that the government failed to tackle energy crisis as no relief was so far offered to the public. He accused the rulers of filling their own bank accounts by selling out national institutions on throw-away prices. He warned that the PPPP would not let the rulers ruin national institutions.