LAHORE - Former Foreign Minister and PTI leader Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri has said that BJP leader Narendra Modi, if comes to power, will not adopt a tough policy against Pakistan.

Addressing a meet the press programme at the Lahore Press Club, Kasuri who is also chairman of PTI Task Force on Kashmir Affairs said: “The stance of Imran Khan and mine on the Kashmir problem is the same as both of us want its solution through negotiations. He said China wanted to make investment in Pakistan, but it was reluctant to do so due to extremist elements in the country.  He noted there was a general impression that Narendra Modi would be next Indian prime minister, but, he said, nothing could be predicted with certainty about the election results there.

 “It is presumed that Narendra Modi’s government will be different from Vajpayee’s. But he knows well that Pakistan is also a nuclear power,” Kasuri said.

The event was also attended by LPC President Arshad Ansari, Secretary Shahbaz Mian, governoring body members and senior journalists.