ISLAMABAD  - The Special Court after the indictment of Pervez Musharraf on 31st March would hold the high treason trial today (Tuesday).

In the last hearing, a three-judge Special Court had indicted former army chief and did not exempt him from appearing before the court, saying, “The accused is required to appear before the court as and when required and can seek exemption from appearance on justifiable grounds.”

The court on the request of Musharraf’s new legal team head Dr Farogh Naseem had adjourned the case as he prayed that he had been engaged a day before (March 30) and needed time to prepare the case.

Sharifud Din Pirzada, Anwar Mansoor, and Dr Khalid Ranjha are boycotting the court proceeding. Dr Ranjha told The Nation that unless the Special Court expunged the observation given against Anwar Mansoor, they would not appear before the court in Musharraf trial.

The Special Court in its March 27 order said, “The conduct of Anwar Mansoor Khan did not demonstrate the level of decency towards the court, which is expected from a senior counsel.”

Though Musharraf had pleaded not guilty to every charge, he signed the chargesheet and in his 24 minutes address in the court admitted that on the advice of then Prime Minister (Shaukat Aziz) and federal cabinet as well as after consultation with and consent of all the stakeholders he promulgated emergency and PCO on 3rd November 2007.

The secretary ministry of interior on December 12 had filed the complaint along with the following five charges. Firstly, on 3rd November 2007, in his capacity as chief of army staff (COAS) Musharraf issued a proclamation in his own name to hold the constitution in abeyance. Secondly, Musharraf in his capacity as commander-in-chief of Pakistan Army by adopting unconstitutional means abrogated, subverted/suspended/held in abeyance the constitution by issuing the proclamation. Thirdly, Musharraf as self-appointed COAS on 3rd November 2007 also issued Provisional Constitution Order (PCO). Fourthly, Musharraf issued Provisional Constitution (Amendment) Order 2007, which also abrogated, subverted and suspended various provisions of the constitution in true letter and spirit. Fifthly, by issuing Constitution (Second Amendment) Order, 2007 Musharraf further amended Article 41, 44, 193, 194, 208 and 270C of the constitution.