Los Angeles: Peaches Geldof’s final interview has been revealed by The Sunday Times. The journalist - who died aged 25 last week (April 7) - told Aga Living Magazine that becoming a mother helped her appreciate the good moments in life after a difficult childhood.

“It has anchored me in place because before, I lived in LA, in New York, and in London,” she said. “I was just sort of going round, being young. I worked as a journalist for Nylon.

“I was rootless and having the kids really anchored me in place and changed my life for the better.–YL

It meant I had to take care of someone properly, which I wasn’t doing for myself.” She went on to say that being a mother to Astala Dylan Willow and Phaedra Bloom Forever helped her “healing process”.

“Now that I am a mum, I can correct those awful parts of my childhood and it’s a really healing process. Before, I was just not at peace with myself about it because I was just traumatised. “That’s why I was living a chaotic lifestyle. But now I have the kids I can heal the situation. It’s so good in every single way, really.”

Describing how she wanted to raise her children, she said: “I want it to be a progressive household where they can come and talk to us about anything. The way I’ve been raising them is with pure love.”

Bob Geldof’s daughter also said that people should avoid believing everything they read about her and other stars.

“Who, with an iota of intellect, would believe everything they read [about me]? If your whole perception of me is based on something you’ve seen in a gossip magazine or on a website and you haven’t met me, then you need to take a step back and think to yourself: is that sane, does it make sense? I personally wouldn’t. If I haven’t met someone, how do I know them?”

She added that she hoped her children would “get to have a bit of the youth that I lost out on when I had them. But mainly, in the future, I would love my boys to just grow up to be the best, sweetest kids of all time.”