Wheat is under threat from a disease called Ug 99 which causes rust on wheat. The government of Pakistan is taking effective steps to safe guard against this disease. Pakistan introduced NARC II in 2011 and PAK13 in 2013. They have been extensively tested by Pakistan Agricultural Research Centre (PARC) and were found to be resistant to the disease. These varieties are high yielding and adaptable to the Pakistani environment.

The present government has taken an active interest in developing resistant wheat varieties. PARC with foreign collaboration is conducting research on rust resistant wheat and more than 50 varieties of wheat are under trial at the moment. It is very crucial that this research continue so that wheat enhancement and protection can be achieved. With Pakistan being so dependent on wheat to fulfill its food potential we cannot afford to lag behind in this regard. With the focus on food production we can not only take care of our own masses but can also export our product to the world.


February 25.