Reference the very entertaining column by Mina Malik-Hussain in the Nation of April 13, I have one comment. After the Ayub period no serious effort has been made at checking growth in population, the only thing that appears to be growing in the land of the pure. As long as there are more people, there will be more cars and as long as there are more cars, space has to be provided to them if we don’t want to end up with unending traffic jams, even worse than what we have now.

The Model Town of my childhood had a single circular road which catered to the people living in nine Blocks from ‘A’ to ‘J’. Now there are blocks almost spanning the whole alphabet. When it was proposed to make the circular road a double road, people were most unhappy; that trees would have to be cut. Now that it is a double road people are most happy, and there is no talk of the trees that had to be cut.


Lahore, April 13.