PESHAWAR - Amid continued fight between two warring groups of the Taliban, the TTP Shura has reportedly decided to extend the ceasefire to take forward the peace talks with the government, though it stopped short of making any announcement on this count.

Afghan Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, to whom Pakistani Taliban swear a nominal allegiance, has purportedly urged the two warring factions to end their infighting. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), however, neither denied nor confirmed Omar’s reported intervention.

The TTP shura met at an undisclosed location in North Waziristan Agency so as to take certain decisions before having a formal second round of talks with government committee, which expected in few days. Sources said that during the meeting, which was also attended by Qari Shakeel, Azam Tariq and Khalid Haqqani, they have agreed to extend the ceasefire that expired on April 10. However, a formal announcement would be made soon. The TTP shura also discussed in detail the release of non-combatants and establishment of a peace zone.

Meanwhile, in a pamphlet, Afghan Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar talked about internal differences among Pakistani Taliban belonging to Mehsud tribe. He called for overcoming the differences among warring factions of Taliban in the Pashto language pamphlet, which was distributed in Miranshah Bazaar of North Waziristan Agency. He asked tribesmen to come forward to resolve the differences.

A day before, TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid had denied the news of infighting between Shehriyar Mehsud and Khan Said Sajna groups of Taliban. Both these groups belonging to Mehsuds of South Waziristan are reportedly fighting over leadership issue. Haji Daud of Shehriyar group has said that Sajna was trying to gain control of South Waziristan. He has reportedly said that they had complete confidence in TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah and would accept his decision on the next Taliban Amir in South Waziristan.

No deadlock in peace talks: Shah

Coordinator Taliban Peace Committee Maulana Yousaf Shah said Monday there was no deadlock in negotiation process between the government and Taliban and second round of talks would start in next two days.

Talking to the Nation here on Monday, he said the agenda of meeting would not be disclosed, however, important issues including extension in ceasefire would be discussed. He said they were in contact with Taliban.

Maulana Yousaf further said that meeting between government and TTP committees, in next two days, was likely to resolve major issues.

In the first round of talks both committees agreed to release non-combatant prisoners and later the government released some of the prisoners allegedly involved in various suspicious activities.

However, Taliban rejected government’s statement saying the released persons were not those ones included in the list provided by the TTP to government committee. Following the objection of Taliban, the government announced to release 10 more enlisted Taliban ‘non-combatant’ prisoners.