An SHO of Tharushah police station took a bold and timely step and prevented the marriage of a 70 year old polygamist, already living with two wives, from marrying a 13-year under aged girl. For this brave act the SHO was suspended by the SP of police, when the guests staged a protest outside the police station. Most of the time, action and reaction, from the top brass of police officials lacks cogent reason but here it took a complete u-turn.

There are severe problems in a society, when an honest officer performs his duty and is suspended! The nation wants to know what kind of wisdom was behind suspending the officer and what sort of message was given to any other proactive police officers? The country is full of corrupt and dishonest police officers and everyone, common man wants to see a change, but when actions like these are taken it is doubted we will ever see change in the police department or the country.


Islamabad, April 8.