#NawazDisownsGB (Gilgit-Baltistan)


Faryal Khan Baloch @FaryalKBaloch

To all the idiots trending #NawazDisownsGB bother to read the constitution Article 257,GB&AK isnt technically a part of Pak till plebiscite!

Skardu.pk @Skardu_Pakistan

people of #GilgitBaltistan are as/more loyal and patriotic than any other Pakistani despite of being deprived of rights. #NawazDisownsGB


Leo @Chitposh

Must have exchanged it with funds for next metro project in Jati Umra #NawazDisownsGB

Ramsha @_cannonballs

If Gilgit Baltistan isn't a part of pakistan then what is it a part of? Narnia? #NawazDisownsGB