Islamabad - PSEB and Ministry of IT organised on Thursday an interactive seminar, where CEO’s of around 200 IT Companies discussed the upcoming IT Policy, 2016, said a press release issued by Ministry of IT.

Minister for IT & Telecom Anusha Rahman, while addressing the participants, said that IT remittances had grown by over 41 percent since last year. She said the goal of ministry and PSEB was to take IT exports to more than $5 billion by 2020. Anusha asked the IT companies to report their foreign remittances under specific state bank’s code so that an accurate picture of Pakistan’s IT exports could be shown to the world. She emphasised that the IT industry would have to collaborate with the government on defining KPIs for the IT sector over the next five years, such as increase in remittances, foreign direct investment and employment generation so that a solid case of tax exemption on exports could be made to the FBR and the Ministry of Finance. The minister further said the IT exports could easily exceed $5 billion over the next five years, because of the cost advantage as well as the big IT talent found in Pakistan.

Referring to gender balance in the industry, Anusha informed that her ministry had made provision for minimum 30 percent females in all industry’s support programmes, such as internships and training in order to motivate more females to join the IT workforce.