KUDOS to the Legislators and public officials of India and Pakistan for acknowledging that sharing experiences on good governance in the two countries in development of agriculture and tourism could help develop the two sectors further. I fully endorse that both the countries must focus on development and use of organic farming practices in the agricultural sector & Tourism. Tourism swells the message of peace and it offers a key road of promoting peace between India and Pakistan. Tourism is today projected as an engine of economic growth and an instrument for eliminating poverty, curbing unemployment problems, opening up new fields of activity and the upliftment of downtrodden sections of society. The two countries must travel around avenues of promoting nostalgic and religious tourism as well. In past also tourism has been instrumental in softening the relations between India and Pakistan leading to peace.

Pakistan has successfully strived to live up to the region’s legacy, creating important links with its age old trading partners. Soon after their creation in 1947, India and Pakistan were healthy trading partners. India served as a market for half of Pakistan’s exports of agricultural products and minerals, and supplied a significant share of Pakistan’s imports consisting of manufactured goods. As India’s Prime Minister Modi projects himself as an international statesman, it is essential to pursue India-Pakistan ties in such a manner. In an age of declining values, peace can remain indescribable if the values are not well propagated and communicated to the society at large.


Ahmedabad (INDIA), March 13.