After Quaid-e-Azam, no political leader has told the nation to be honest and work, work and work to build Pakistan second to none. Election manifestoes promise fabulous facilities of life without mentioning honesty and hardwork. Simple voters do not question how and blindly vote for the false promises. It is going on since 50s but voters have yet to be wiser. We hear a few families are ruling and looting Pakistan since long which is a certificate of our incompetence ! Unpleasant but it is a ground reality.

Gladiator fights were regularly held in Rome to keep Romans busy and happy but they had an empire created with sacrifices to enrich and enjoy life. But our rulers are keeping the nation busy in cricket, showbiz, boisterous celebrations and such diversions from miseries of life but no empire to enrich.

No hard work policy for self reliance and corruption at its peak, the nation of merrymaking is now dependent on others for aid, loans and expertise for survival. Rulers publicise foreign loaned and engineered projects as great achievements thus sinking the country deeper in debt and now taking foreign loans to payback loans like France before the revolution.

All remittances of expatriates are squandered without thinking what if they come back and seek jobs ? FDI is proudly presented as an achievement without realising that ultimately most FDIs are forex liabilities for transferring hefty profits abroad.

Who will follow teachings of Quaid—e—Azam of honesty?’

Work, work and work to build Pakistan second to none ?


Rawalpindi, March 13.0