Recently while switching channels I came across a show where the host had raided some of the reputable schools of Karachi. The purpose of the raid was to show the viewers the state of canteens in theses schools. These schools have very high standards when talking about fees or about which child to be given admission but on the same time the standard of their canteens is so low.

I agree there are some factors where government is to be blamed about the state of city and country, but for keeping our selves and our workplace clean I don’t think government is required. The owner of those canteens had the audacity to blame the government for the condition of there canteen. The canteens were not in the state where even one could stand for a while. Low quality products (chips, biscuits etc) were being sold. Food was kept all open and mosquitoes were having a feast on it and that food was later served to those innocent small kids. Ketchup used was a rice paste and to give it a red color fabric dye was been mixed to it. Just imagine the effect of these “so-called hygienic” food on the health of the children, who are the future of Pakistan.

I would also add here that it is the responsibility of the school management to keep a check. When they ask for an increment in fees they promise to give the basic facilities to their students, so is this what they promise?


Karachi, March 13.