The country’s political big-wigs are all coincidentally in London, or making their way there over the course of the past week, as on Thursday, Imran Khan boarded a flight with Jahangir Tehreen and Aleem Khan in tow, incidentally the same one as Chaudhry Nisar. When Nawaz Sharif left for what was reported as a medical check-up, Aitzaz Ahsan quickly hijacked the attention by stating that this was merely an excuse to meet with the PPP supremo, to get his support following the Panama Leaks. While this claim is unfounded, and probably not based on fact, the fact that PPP is no longer even pretending to hide its role as the ‘friendly opposition’ is indicative of the party paying PML-N back for its stint in power. The obvious collusion by two of the country’s biggest parties, makes it clear that the country’s opposition is either busy paying lip-service to the government, or engaged in heedless protests.

The reason for the anger from the public following the Panama Leaks is derived from the fact that while millions do not have enough to eat on a daily basis, the supposed representatives of the people are seen to posses vast stores of wealth inside and outside this country. The public at large is not concerned with whether this money is legally obtained or not — they just see the monetary disparity. If these people have so much money, and the ruling party is so concerned about getting foreign investment into the country, most importantly Chinese investment, why is there money sitting in foreign accounts? Should it not be in Pakistan being put to use? And unfortunately for Imran Khan, and all those jumping on the bandwagon in criticising the PM, they are all the same in the eyes of the public. Between the PTI heavyweights, the PPP stalwarts and the PML-N dynasty, nobody can claim to live a simple life.

At the same time, immoral or not, it is not likely that anything will come out of this latest scandal. A protest by the public will not take place, and the air has gone out of PTI’s dharna plan. The PTI leader though seems committed to his contrived cause and is looking to press a point home by playing on the emotions of the people. A little introspection is needed by the privileged few, and Imran Khan should look at his travelling companions and realise that the problem does not only lie within PML-N. The PM meanwhile has said that he in London for his health, if he needed to check on his money he would be in Panama. As if the people in Pakistan are unaware that one many not need to go to Panama to open an account, and that Mossack Fonseca have offices spread across the globe.