Humans don’t do anything much while asleep, it seems. We don’t drink. We don’t eat. We don’t play. And we don’t hug. Well, most of us anyway.

For many of us, the worst moment of every day is when the maddening alarm tone of smartphone brings us back to the real world. Sleep is a normal, indeed crucial part of our lives. But when I think about it, it is such an odd thing to do.And the question arises: What do we know about this condition of body and mind? Not much, it appears, for something we do with one-third of their lives.

But Allah says in verse 47, Chapter 25 of the Quran:

“And it is He Who makes the night a covering for you, and the sleep a repose, and causes every day to be a resurrection.”

Scientists simply don't know for sure. We don’t have a consensus. Some neuroscientists believe sleep enables our bodies and especially our brains to recover. Others assume our brains hit a reset button and just turn off for some hours. And few even call it an opportunity for the brain to be cleared of waste. Nevertheless, sleep arises from a whole raft of different interactions within the brain.

The critical thing to realize is that if you don’t sleep, you don’t stay sharp, young, and healthy. An innovative mind is a well-rested mind. So most of us, living in Pakistan, ask the question, “How do I know whether I am getting enough sleep?”

Man, it’s not rocket science. If you need your phone to get you out of bed in the morning, you need to prioritize those Zs. If your work colleagues call you tired and irritable, you’re probably sleep-deprived. Also, feeling tired throughout the day and sleeping better in a hotel bed than your own bed are indications that your mattress might be on the way out. Therefore, the importance of a comfy mattress should not be ignored. In Pakistan, you might be tempted to blame your budget for continuing to doze on an average mattress. In return, sleep loss brings obesity, diabetes, back pain, depression and lower life expectancy.

I recently experienced the cloud-like comfort of beds available at Dolce Vita Home, Pakistan’s first conceptual Luxury and Sleep Store. In their effort to offer Pakistanis the best possible night’s sleep, their talented team has immaculately crafted Luxury Sleep Systems – topnotch mattresses for local luxury lovers.

Let me define it in three words: Take sleep seriously. When you’re constantly refreshing your Instagram feed and liking the pictures on Facebook, you feel exhausted. Turn off those mobile phones. Turn off those computers. And real restful sleep will increase your concentration, decision-making ability and overall health.