MUZAFFARGARH-On repeated complaints against the staff of District Headquarters Hospital, the Punjab government has suspended the medical superintendent and paramedical staff for negligence.

The staffers include Ward Assistant Kashif and Nurse In-charge Shama Shamim while show cause notices were served on Dr Naveed Haider and security guard Ghulam Abbas.

A baby Saadia, borne to Saeeda Bibi of village Chaman, Muzaffargarh, and a baby boy Hasnain were severely bitten by cats at the children ward of the DHQ Hospital Muzaffargarh.

Saadia’s parents stated that the baby had visible wounds of cat bites on his hand. The cat chewed three fingers of the baby in the night when all were asleep. They awakened when the cats attacked another baby who cried loudly.

The parents of the child accused the hospital staff of gruesome negligence. The administration of the hospital said that if such an incident had taken place, an investigation would be conducted and concerned staff would be questioned. “Firstly, I don’t understand why the occurrence of the incident is being investigated. A seven month baby has marks on her body as proof of the monstrosity and yet they’re still dusting the top layer, trying to find loopholes,” an official said.

“The hospital administration is taking every possible step to get rid of cats. The children are supposed to be kept in the sanitary environment. They are to be checked by attendants all the times,” the hospital official said.