About the killing of student Mashal Khan by a mob over blasphemy charges, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai said there is nobody damaging the name of our country or religion.

“We ourselves are enough to damage the name of our country and religion,” she said in video message.

“We are not representing Islam in true sense.”

“This was not the funeral of Mashal Khan rather it was funeral of teachings of Islam, funeral of our values and traditions,” she asserted.

Malala further said that she talked to father of Mashal Khan who gave the message of peace and resolve. “I salute the resolve of his father and pray to God to give him more strength,” she said.

Malala urged the people to remember Islamic traditions, teaching and Pashtun values.

“Our prophet (PBUH) never asked anybody be impatient to go and kill someone without any reason,” she said.

“If we keep on doing such acts, nobody among us will remain safe and I urge all political parties and national institutions to take strict steps to curb such acts,” she emphasized.