Children spend a major part of their day at school. Therefore, the food provided by the canteens make a significant contribution to their growth. Burgers, chips, soft drinks and confectioners contain saturated fat and added sugar. Students who visit the canteen regularly and purchase greasy ingredients as well as sugary drinks, gain weight. Also, the daily intake of snacks leads to poor dental health. School tuck shops fail to abide by the basic rules of health and hygiene. School administrations do not take any interest in how the canteens are being run. I appeal to the health and education department to conduct extensive checks on canteens to ensure they provide healthy meals and drinks. Furthermore, steps should be taken to make school management follow a detailed guideline about the nutritional value of edibles, synthetic colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives and safe storage of food available in campus tuck shops. 


Karachi, April 2.