KARACHI -  Appointments on merit made the authorities unhappy, said Sindh Police Inspector General (IG) Allah Dino Khowaja while talking to the media after inaugurating the police facilitation centre at the Ferozabad Police Station on Friday.

Despite multiple traffic issues, the DIG (traffic) has been appointed without any consultation with him, AD Khowaja said. “I am IG of the province, not a cleric,” he said.

“The culture at police stations cannot be changed overnight, but we are glad that we are changing it,” he said. He said that authority was the main issue, adding that for the first time appointments in the Sindh Police had been made on merit.

“The Sindh government is unhappy and only it can answer the question that why it is unhappy,” he said while replying to a question about differences between him and the Sindh government.

IG Khowaja said there was a need for cooperation and understanding between the masses and the police. “There will defiantly be a change in the police station culture if the police have a positive attitude,” he said. He said that people would be able to approach police to resolve their issues through such police facilitation centres. He said that police facilitation centres were being established in collaboration with the Sindh government. “By establishing these reporting centres, the police station culture will be changed,” he said.

The Sindh government tried a couple of times to remove IG Khowaja, but he got stay orders from the court against his removal. “My case is in the court. It is better if the court gives its verdict. If the Sindh government is unhappy with me, only it can explain why it is unhappy with me,” he said in response to a question.

He said that these facilitation centres would help eliminate bribery from the police department.