KARACHI  - The Muslim Students Movement (MSM) on Saturday demanded increase in education budget and warned that it would hold a protest march if the demand is not met.  

As per details, Muslim Students Movement held a press conference at Karachi Press Club against deficiencies in the education system of the country and announced an ‘education budget march’ in Karachi. 

Irfan Yousuf, central president of MSM; Rana Tajammul Hussain and Wasim Akhtar said on this occasion that unfortunately the rulers had never taken solid steps to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. They said that about 60 per cent of population was deprived of basic education, adding that about 20.5million children were out of schools. This is highly regrettable, they said. 

They said that loopholes in the education system and illiteracy were main reasons for social problems faced by the country. They said that there would be on progress in any sector without resolving the issues facing the education sector.  

They said that quality education was need of the hour and it must be ensured. They said that as per the charter of United Nations, every country should spend 4.4 percent of its GDP on education, but the Pakistani government is sparing negligible budget for education. They said the class-based education system must be abolished and proper education should be provided to children of the poor people. They said that education must be free and fees at the university level should be lowered. They said they would launch a nationwide campaign and stage a protest march in Karachi on Sunday from Tariq Road Rehmania Mosque to Noorani Kabab, demanding an increase in the education budget up to 5 per cent of the GDP.