KARACHI - Foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters is highly regrettable and no dictation is acceptable on issues like caretaker set-up and general elections, says Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said the caretaker government should be finalised keeping in mind Pakistan’s national interests. He said the provincial caretaker governments should be appointed under the same principle.

He said that instead of making a present or former employee of institutions like IMF caretaker prime minister, this important slot should be filled with an honest, capable and patriotic leader, who can conduct the upcoming general elections in a free and fair manner. He said that media reports about alleged dictation by a US diplomat to Pakistani establishment were highly regrettable.

Shakoor said that all political parties should come to the same page to safeguard Pakistan’s national interests.

 He said the agents of foreign entities like IMF should be rejected. He said “we cannot tolerate another Moin Qureshi, or people like him”. He said such dual nationals were loyal to their bosses and paymasters, and they cannot do any good to Pakistan. He said the establishment should take brave decisions, adding if it acted like a rubber stamp on the issue of caretaker prime minister, the nation would not forgive it.