The injustices accumulated with time and not acknowledged timely may backfire and the weaker communities may feel elated with time, LUMS teacher Prof Dr Kamran Asdar Ali said on Saturday. He was addressing at the Fourth Jamil Omar Memorial Lecture. 

He quoted examples from the history of fiction in Urdu. Citing instances from a notable writer Saadat Hassan Minto who highlighted the miseries of women lost and abducted during the partition days, he stressed the need to appreciate the sacrifices of those who were alienated from their dear families and who were scattered all around our society for many years after bloody riots. He also quoted Azizul Hassan, a writer who highlighted the sufferings of those workers who struggled against the oppressive regime of Ziaul Haq and offered immense sacrifices.

There were many such activists who toiled through the miseries of their employers to win something for their colleagues. Dr. Kamran referred to the Haitian revolution where the black slaves brought about a revolution against the expectations of their white masters who owned plantations and who thought that such weak creatures who only knew obeying their masters would never think of overpowering their masters. Similarly he mentioned the example of Bengalis about whom the rulers belonging to the West Pakistan would never think that they would earn freedom one day and would defy the rule of an established hegemony.