In this era, education has become an essential element for an individual to obtain a decent designation in the society. Schooling plays a vital role in nourishing a person educationally but unfortunately in our country, getting good quality education has become a nightmare for people due to exorbitant fee of many private schools. 

Under Article 25-A of the Constitution, it is the responsibility of the State to provide education. Though it is not their role, private schools are helping the government with the fulfillment of its moral and constitutional responsibility. But it is said with great regret that the private institutions have become money extractors in our society. 

Educating children is not about making the right transaction for parents. They are not looking for the best deal, they are looking for a long-term relationship. Some schools certainly care about their students, but their emotions are hampered entirely to the parents’ ability to keep up with their ever-evolving fee structures. Private schools conservatively educate more than 50% of children in Pakistan. If they will create inflation in their monthly tuition fee on repeated basis, then the number of dropouts will increase at such primary level which will without any ambiguity hinder the development of our country in all aspects. Most of the parents are working day and night, performing multiple jobs in order to get their children quality education and constant fee inflation will only become a huge obstacle for people. I think the time has come that the Government or the accountable authorities look in to the matter and create a breakthrough for this hideous situation. 


Karachi, March 24.