For Pakistan to survive and prosper as sovereign independent nation, it is essential that Rule of Law and supremacy of constitution prevails. Rao Anwar is projected as lone accused in what is a Billion Dollar trade where murder, threats, blackmail and intimidation has often been used as tools to defiantly acquire state and private land for commercial resale with protection of few powerful rogue elements. 

He emerged as sole survivor amongst 54 police officers deployed by former Interior Minister Babar to restore law and order and rid Karachi and Hyderabad of armed thugs of MQM who had gone on rampage killing thousands. When Musharraf took over, MQM reemerged with vengeance killing every police officer who dared to take action against them ordered by state. Rao maneuvered his transfer to Baluchistan. 

In a country where thousands of acres of forest and state land, and mangroves along coast line near Karachi, so essential to maintain essential natural environmental balance are allowed to be illegally possessed by powerful Land Mafia Dons, emergence of individuals like Rao Anwar, more powerful than state, could occur only with blessing of powerful stakeholders. When greed blinds those in power to violate sanctity of land quenched with blood of Shaheeds like Aziz Bhatti in what constituted Second Defense line in 65, than national interest is sacrificed at altar of greed. 

Rao Anwar is just a pawn in this scheme of things, where crores are paid for unlawful criminal deeds and facilitated to transfer black money to Dubai, where he owns expensive property in addition to assets in Pakistan. This killing machine started his own enterprise which led to brutal murder of Naqibullah, and had it not been for nationwide protests, nothing would have happened. 


Lahore, March 24.