Reckitt Benckiser presents ‘Signature Diarrhoea Reduction’ Programme

LAHORE (PR): Reckitt Benckiser (RB) was invited to share signature programme on diarrhoea reduction, ‘Safai Nama’, at the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) held in Islamabad. RB Pakistan’s Safai Nama under its global “Save a Child Every Minute” campaign aims to reduce the infant mortality rate due to diarrhoea for children under the age of 5. Safai Nama uses the seven-point plan prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF to educate and encourage rural households for better health and hygiene. The aim is to reduce deaths caused by diarrhoea by making people adopt healthier practices as part of their daily routines. This eventually helps reduce the daunting number of 53,000 children dying because of the disease every year. SACOSAN is a government led biennial convention, held on a rotational basis in each member country which includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This year Pakistan hosted the conference for the second time.

SACOSAN has been instrumental in generating a political will and commitment towards better sanitation and hygiene promotion in the South Asian region over a decade. It acts as a great forum for all member countries to share experiences, lessons and best-in-class examples for others to adopt and execute. RB’s Safai Nama program being implemented in partnership with the government and social sector is one of such example being shared.

PFIA asks govt to bring down duties to discourage smuggling

LAHORE (PR): Pakistan FMCG Importers Association (PFIA) has urged the government to rationalise the import and customs duties in the forthcoming budget in such a manner that could discourage smuggling and encourage legal importers. In its budget proposals 2018-19, the Association urged the government and the high ups of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to bring down the duties so it could eliminate smuggling which is causing irreparable damage to the economy. The Association also urged the government to completely withdraw the regulatory duty levied on number of items in the recent past. The Association claimed that the regulatory duty had given nothing to the government rather contributed in increased smuggling, under-invoicing and other such wrong practices. Association also urged the government to abolish the withholding tax levied on banking transactions and tax reforms should be introduced in such a manner that these should benefit both salaried class and traders alike.

PFIA also urged the government to allocate money in the coming budget to fulfill its commitment of provision of electricity to the consumers on subsidized rates.

Mountainise’s AI hits 83pc accuracy in search engine marketing ROI

LAHORE (PR): New tech startup Mountainise has reached a new high in artificial intelligence (AI) for search engine marketing. It’s accuracy for ROI improvement in search engine marketing reached 83 percent, which is all-time high. To give an idea of the hike in accuracy one only needs to look at its stats from last year. In June 2017, only nine months ago, Mountanise’s accuracy was 33%. “Having the core competencies in performance marketing, business operations and data science enabled us to build a successful machine learning logic developer,” said Mountainise founder and director Muhammad Jalil Nawaz. Mountainise proudly boasts a range of services, now available for businesses in Pakistan with cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning that can help further their causes – i.e. business intelligence, business process management, conversion rate sales optimization, sales, profits, and, above all, a customized experience of successful customer journey.

Despite having reached a record high accuracy, Mountanise has no plans to halt its growth. The next phase for the company will combine the power of artificial intelligence in Blockchain industry as well as for cyber security.

The idea of Mountainise was conceived by the brainy tech mastermind and digital marketer, Muhammad Jalil Nawaz, who has years of experience working with digital transformation, performance marketing, and machine learning implementation.

Mountainise believes in utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to promote performance marketing by setting up data analytics teams and execute the plans envisioned by their customers.

In their own words, Mountainise seeks to employ to improve business operations, analysis and data-driven marketing in order to “analyze consumer behavior, choose customer segments that are most likely to be interested, and optimize strategies and effortsto decrease surplus resources”.

 CCP to hold open hearings on competition issues in real estate sector

ISLAMABAD (Staff Reporter): The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) will hold open hearings on competition issues in the real estate sector in Lahore and Karachi to give an opportunity to the stakeholders to voice their concerns on relevant issues. The open hearing in Lahore will be held on Tuesday, 17th April, while it will be held in Karachi on Thursday, 19th April 2018. The open hearing in Islamabad was successfully held on 12th April, according to the official handout released by the CCP on Saturday. The real estate sector plays a crucial role in the development and economic growth of Pakistan by its contribution to the national GDP, attracting local and foreign investment, and generating employment opportunities. The real estate sector spends billions of rupees on marketing campaigns in print and electronic media to publicise their offerings. The Commission has received numerous concerns and complaints that certain housing societies across the country are deceiving consumers through deceptive marketing practices.

These include false claims relating to the facilities being offered, hiding important information such as development charges, misleading people on facts such as distance from key landmarks, and status of approvals of relevant authorities.

The Commission, under its advocacy mandate and to protect consumers from anti-competitive practices, has decided to hold the open hearings. All the stakeholders including print and electronic media are invited to attend the open hearings.