TOBA TEK SINGH-Former chief justice and chief Pakistan Justice Democratic Party (PJDP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that the so-called politicians claiming to be national leaders have only amassed their own bank accounts during the past 70 years instead of protecting national and people’s interests.

While addressing a gathering of lawyers and citizens here on Saturday, the ex-CJP said that the PPP also looted national exchequer with both hands and its government even not spared pilgrims.

The gathering was presided over by former DBA president Rana Muhammad Anwar. He said that it is pity that people again accept similar cheaters and again and again cast their votes in favour of all such plunderers, forgetting their wrongdoings and misdeeds.

Iftikhar Ch said former military dictator Pervez Musharraf who sold Pakistani nation in the hands of America for 10 years, is now doing politics from Dubai. He said there is no capacity in national constitution to increase the tenure of caretaker government and postpone the general election while doors on martial law have been closed forever.

He lauded that the present Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar is a proactive role to provide justice and immediate relief to the masses. He pointed out that today democracy prevailed in the country due to sacrifices rendered lawyers movement. Iftikhar Ch claimed that he has formed his own political party as there is no party which was working according to the principals of national constitution. “We are struggling for to change the current parliamentary system to ensure public representation and welfare in true sense,” he pointed out, adding that the masses should support his party.

On the occasion, Rana Anwar along with his associates announced joining the PJDP.DBA president Raja Khalid Mahmood was also present.

PTI makes clean sweep

claim afresh

The masses have a firm belief in the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). No political party would be able to defeat the PTI in the upcoming general election.

Local PTI leader Mehrab Khan Khattak stated this while addressing the party workers here the other day.

He claimed that PTI would form government in centre and all provinces after winning general election with an absolute majority. “The corrupt PML-N government has failed in addressing the public issues. They have performed nothing except giving rise to unemployment, inflation and extremism in the country,” he flayed. He added that the PTI would bring the looted public money hidden in offshore accounts back to Pakistan.

He further claimed that people from all major political parties had been defecting to the PTI which, he noted, showed the masses trust and confidence in the leadership of party chairman Imran Khan. He maintained that Imran Khan would become next prime minister of Pakistan.