LAHORE-The shooting of transgender actor Zara Changezi’s upcoming film ‘Wajood’ has wrapped up yesterday.

The film is expected to be released end of this month. Wajood’s story spins around the way of life of a transgender in the general public. How transgender are protested as criticism in the general public and how they survive such unfair practices on their regular routine will be appeared in this film.

Talking to this scribe, Zara said, “In our country transgender are not considered as humans and people don’t respect them but now the trend is changing with the passage of time. In the film, we’ve demonstrated that transgender can achieve significantly something beyond sex work and dancing at weddings.  “In a society where even women are not viewed as equivalent, transgender individuals turn out to be significantly more estranged. I needed to demonstrate that they’re as typical as us and in light of the fact that they can’t be sorted into two sexual orientations doesn’t mean they do not have the possibility to do ponder. People disdain our reality and some are frightful of us. We intend no mischief, we are much the same as others and we just need respect.”  “The film was shot in various areas of Islamabad. I work in an NGO as a program manager. I met Ali Malik, director of this film in a workshop. He gave me his card and instructed me to seek an audition. I gave my first audition and he was extremely inspired with my acting aptitudes. We have planned to premiere the film at international festivals,” Zara added.