Cheating in board exams is quite common in Pakistan. As it was the case in recent matriculation and intermediate exams. Students openly use mobiles, books, notes, etc. to do their papers. Unfortunately, no action takes place against the perpetrators. The fact of the matter is students cheat without fear these days with the aid and support of their teachers.

It is clear that cheating in exams destroys the future of the students, as it is the sign of a gloomy future. Students cheat to obtain a good grade without considering that they are destroying their future. By the aid of cheating, they can gain good grades but they cannot gain knowledge. Students who cheat will grow into dishonest and corrupt citizens.

Due to the poor education system, students cheat in exams. An imminent revamp of the whole education is required. It may not happen immediately but it is quite possible through a systematic mechanism. The education system needs upheaval in the strongest sense. I urge the authorities to take stern steps to improve the education system that can eradicate cheating finally.


Karachi, March 26.