KARACHI - Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said on Sunday that issues plaguing the metropolis have been paid no heed.

Speaking to a private television channel, the mayor regretted that no government has paid any attention to the issues tormenting the denizens of the city. Akhtar blamed the Sindh government for the present state of the port city, saying it is up to the provincial government to resolve the issues facing the metropolis. Karachi was bifurcated into six districts on the political basis, he said, adding when powers will be devolved to the lower tiers of the administration, civic issues will be resolved. He said the mayor’s wings have been clipped as he has no powers beyond disbursement of salaries and pensions while the Sindh government has retained all major powers. “Powers and funds are not devolved to lower tiers,” he said.

He said after the 18th Constitutional Amendment powers should have been devolved and suggested that if local bodies are strengthened, improvement will be visible.

Akhtar said the drainage and transport systems have been ruined while there is dearth of facilities for provision of potable to the denizens.

He said Karachi which runs the entire country by contributing over 20 per cent to GDP was suffering from years of neglect.