ISLAMABAD   -     Pakistan women cricket team trainer Gemaal Hussain has said that Pakistan women cricketers have exceptional talent and their future is quite bright.

In an interview with The Nation, Gemaal said: “I accepted the trainer’s job as a challenge. It is my first-ever international assignment as I have training experience in English counties, but when the opportunity came in my way, I immediately decided to embark on the tough assignment, as my parents are from Pakistan and I wanted to pass on my vast knowledge to Pakistan team.

“I have played County cricket for several years and stopped my playing career in early 30s, as I want to peruse my career in coaching, rather than training. I have done my coaching courses in UK and I could have easily become a coach, but I wanted to work on players’ fitness. Being a cricketer myself, I know well what the requirements of the players are and what they should take as diet, which may help their bodies, remain in perfect shape,” he added.

Gemaal said he has basically one-year agreement with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and he is with Pakistan women team for around 10 months. “Surely, I want to extend my contract as I want to work more with them. I know they are very talented and responding well to whatever they are being taught. It will be very easy for me to find far better jobs, but I take my work very seriously and I am not here to just perform an assignment and leave, but I want to shape the women team and want to improve them mentally and physically.

“I am very satisfied with the progress of women players. We have identified a lot of talented young girls from different areas and it will prove very beneficial for Pakistan women cricket. The way these upcoming girls have gelled with the seniors is truly remarkable and it gives all of us great heart. We all want to take Pakistan women team to new levels and we moving gradually to achieving our target. The way Pakistan women team beat West Indies is good enough to prove that they are keen to excel,” he added.

The trainer said that women players need more guidance and smart training. “I have seen some positives and with the passage of time, they will turn into a force to be reckon with. I was mentoring a lot of young cricketers, working with fast bowlers in England and that experience helped me in Pakistan. I have many plans, which I want to implement for the betterment of women cricket in Pakistan.

He said considering the accomplishments Waseem Khan had shown, it would be very exciting to work with newly-appointed PCB Managing Director, who is young and passionate. “Waseem Khan is a proven staff and he knows how to take teams forward, just like he did in England. If he has accepted the challenge of taking Pakistan cricket to new heights, he will surely accomplish it.”