ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Shamsheer with embarked AL-43 helicopter, has visited Port Mina Salman of Bahrain as part of the regional maritime security patrol

The visit is part of the Overseas Deployment for Regional Maritime Security Patrol in North Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf area, says a statement issued by the Pakistan Navy here on Sunday.  Deployment of PNS Shamsheer in North Arabian Sea is primarily focused on ensuring safety and security of these waters for international shipping.

According to the Pakistan Navy, naval and air attaches of Pakistan as well as representatives of Royal Bahrain Naval Forces welcomed the Pakistani ship.  Commanding Officer, PNS Shamsheer, held meetings with Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Forces.  They discussed matters of mutual interest and bilateral cooperation. Naval ships of the two countries took part in sea drills at the end of visit.  The purpose of the exercise was to improve various skills and war manoeuvres.

The ship was given a warm welcome by the Royal Bahraini Naval Forces (RBNF) upon its arrival at the Port. The ship was received by the Pakistan’s naval and air attachés and a large number of RBNF officers including senior naval representative and Liaison Officer for the Royal Bahraini Naval Forces.

During the stay at Mina Salman, the Commanding Officer called on Commander RBNF and Ambassador of Pakistan in Bahrain. During the meeting with Commander Royal Bahraini Naval Forces, the Commanding Officer conveyed sincere regards from Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, Chief of the Naval Staff to the Bahraini Navy and the people of Bahrain and highlighted that the visit of PNS Shamsheer is a manifestation of the multifaceted long-term collaboration that exists between the two navies.

During the visit, the Commanding Officer alongwith key staff officers also attended the Change of Command Ceremony of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) which was held at HQs US NAVCENT, where Pakistan Navy took over the Command of CTF-150 from Royal Canadian Navy.

A reception was held onboard PNS Shamsheer.

Rear Admiral Yousaf Al Asam, Commander Royal Bahraini Naval Forces graced the occasion as chief guest. The reception was also attended by a large number of guests including Afzaal Mehmood, Ambassador of Pakistan in Bahrain, Rear Admiral Douglas Beal Vice Commander US NAVCENT/ USN 5th Fleet, Commanders Combined Task Forces 150 & 151, Commanding Officers HMS MONTROSE, HMS BLYTH, HMAS BALLARAT and several key appointment holders from CMF including Senior Naval Reps from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Djibouti, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK, US and Yemen. During his speech, the Commanding Officer PNS Shamsheer apprised that Pakistan Navy, in line with the government of Pakistan’s policy, has been a regular contributor to the Combined Maritime Force since 2004 and will continue to do so in the interest of international peace to ensure safety and security of the international waters.

He also expressed best hopes for further strengthening the bilateral relations between the navies and peoples of Pakistan and Bahrain. 

In the last part of its visit, PASSEX (Passage Exercise) was conducted between PNS Shamsheer and RBNS AL FAHDL (P-22) in the waters off Bahrain. Subsequently, the ship resumed its role in RMSP in the North Arabian Sea. The ship will also be operating under the direct support of Pakistan led Multinational Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150).

It is to mention here that Pakistan and Bahrain are tied in eternal bonds of religion and brotherhood. The visit by PNS Shamsheer will further enhance PN’s bilateral relations with Royal Bahraini Naval Forces in diverse avenues. 

Meanwhile, Chief of the Naval Staff in his message on mangroves plantation campaign-2019 has said that Mangroves Plantation Campaign is an opportunity to strengthen unique relationship with nature.

Mangrove forests offer a promising habitat and breeding ground for a large variety of marine life; including fish, crab, shrimp, mollusk species, plants and other organisms. As a national responsibility and in line with the government’s initiative of ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’, Pakistan Navy has been undertaking mangroves plantation campaigns since the last three years, he added. Pakistan Navy has till to date, planted over four million mangroves along the Coastal Belt of Sindh and Balochistan.

“On this occasion, let me reiterate Pakistan Navy’s commitment to play its role in preserving Mangrove forests and the environment which is a blessing of Allah Almighty SWT. I also take this opportunity to urge government departments, industrial community and individuals to join hands in this undertaking for the benefit of marine ecology and our coastal communities. Let us strive together to make this Mangroves Plantation Campaign a success and preserve the nature for our future generations,” the Naval Chief said.