ISLAMABAD                    -                    Natalie Portman has shared her top tips for budding actors in her new virtual MasterClass.

 The Oscar-winning star, 38, joins a host of stars offering lessons on online-education provider, MasterClass. A trailer for the programme, sees Natalie talk through her process and show how she’s managed to become thrice-nominated for both the Academy Awards and BAFTAs.

In the two-minute clip, Natalie begins by urging her students to, ‘be free, make mistakes, try things’, stressing, ‘this is a job about your imagination’.

Discussing how she connects with her characters, Natalie explains: ‘You want to make it as human as possible - what is their desire?’  She continues: ‘I did not go to a traditional drama school, I learnt by doing.

Now I’ve pieced together some things that were helpful for me that I want to share with you.’