ISLAMABAD                      -                Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan Yao Jing Tuesday appreciated the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for setting up a 120-bed Corona Care Hospital in Rawalpin­di and creating awareness among the masses about the COVID-19 by mobilizing its trained volunteers.

Pakistan and China are partners against the coronavirus and that the Chinese embassy on a daily ba­sis is striving to provide whatever assistance and expertise Pakistan needed, a PRCS press release quot­ed the Chinese ambassador as hav­ing said.

He expressed the hope that the brave brotherly people of Pakistan will finally overcome the epidemic through national unity, discipline, and awareness in the society.

Chairman PRCS Abrar ul Haq thanked the Chinese government and the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) on behalf of the PRCS and the people of Pakistan for the great support they have always been ex­tending to Pakistan particularly at a time when the country is locked in a tough fight with the COVID-19.

He particularly thanked the Chi­nese ambassador for supplying 200,000 9N-95 masks and reusa­ble hoodies to the PRCS for their onward distribution to doctors and paramedics busy treating the COVID-19 patients at the govern­ment hospitals and other health facilities.

He said the 10-bed purpose-built hospital was equipped with nine ventilators adding that one ven­tilator could cater to two patients because of coupling. He said 27 pa­tients could be treated at the hos­pital’s ICU.

Abrar told the media that the PRCS was facing acute blood short­age due to the lockdown creating a serious situation for the patients, especially the cancer and Thalas­semia patients.

Secretary General Khalid Bin Majeed said the N-95 masks do­nated by the Red Cross Society of China were being provided to the hospitals. He said on the request of the Punjab government the PRCS was also setting up eight field hos­pitals to handle patients, if the sit­uation worsens.

Khalid Bin Majeed said the ed­ucational institutions are a big source of blood donation but un­fortunately, after their closure in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak the Regional Blood Donor Centre of the PRCS was facing shortage of blood.