ISLAMABAD                  -                The actor, 41, took to Instagram recently to reveal the news to fans, as he said that he and his other half were now ‘in good health.’ Sharing a snap of the pair outside, he wrote in delight: ‘Hi! We are fully recovered and in good health after I was infected by the cororonavirus, and most likely my wife.

After several weeks in quarantine, and also a couple more indoors after being free of all symptoms, we are finally safe and sound. We were lucky to only have mild symptoms of the Covid 19.

We send our love and thoughts to all of the people where the virus has hit much harder, and to everyone who has lost their loved ones due to the cornonavirus.’

Kristofer, who made his name as Tormund Giantsbane in the fantasy hit, went on to share his gratitude to fans for supporting him.