Protecting the immunocompromised


As of March 2020, the World Health Organisation determined that COVID-19 caused a global pandemic. The associated symptoms to this novel strain are dry cough, shortness of breath, fever and other respiratory symptoms. Because of the alarming spread of this virus, government officials have strongly encouraged individuals to isolate themselves at home especially those who have recently travelled and who are immunocompromised.

For areas like Sindh, Pakistan where two major HIV outbreaks have occurred in the past year, it is extremely crucial to incorporate HIV screenings in clinical routines. As many may know, HIV is a harrowing virus that results in affected individuals to have severely compromised immune systems. But what does that mean? This means that if HIV patients also contract COVID-19, because they are already immunocompromised, the disease will travel faster and hit harder resulting in a higher mortality rate.

The concern that arises here is that if one HIV affected individual contracts COVID-19 then it can easily spread to other affected individuals which may lead to a COVID-19 outbreak.



Combating corona


I believe feeding pure honey (self-extracted) 10ml morning and evening to the victims of coronavirus admitted in the isolation wards in different hospitals in Pakistan could bring a tremendous effect on them. I have the experience of using pure honey in different cases for the last seven years.

It is really difficult to procure pure honey but at the government level, this can be arranged from the forest department at Changa Manga forest, Duffer forest, and Bahawalpur forest, etc.

Honey feeding will Inshallah bring early recovery by beating the malaise of the virus and its residual effect out of the patient’s body.

My strong feeling is that in fully unidentified diseases and obstinate disorders and breaks like Corona the honey feeding will prove more effective as honey itself has not yet been fully discovered the benefits are unlimited which will be discovered in days to come.

In last a request is expressly made to Dr Zafar Mirza advisor health to the PM and all others who are engaged in combating this international pandemic to use honey and scientifically proved by using the control group method as indicated above.





As a Pakistani female freelancer, I travelled across Sindh in February 2020 with the purpose of creating awareness about freelancing. I conducted sessions where I showcased the potential for local talent to find new earning opportunities and create successful freelancing careers focusing on how to sell their skills and/or products online.

Participants came from all walks of life, there were students, small traders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs that attended to gain a deeper understanding and exposure to the world of freelancing. Some of the participants had come from remote areas in Sindh such as Qambar and Shahdadkot. The response to the sessions was not only overwhelming but touching for the trainer and her team as they realised the participants’ eagerness for knowledge and their amazing uncharted talent. Last event of this trip was organised in Karachi with the help of a close friend, they conducted one of its kind of events for teachers that have raised awareness among them to pursue their freelancing career being a teacher. This event highlighted all those platforms where the teacher can set up their freelancing career. In the session, multiple ways of earning money online for teachers were introduced. They were trained about how to conduct their classes online and manage their online classrooms.

The Punjab Government has started the Prozac portal where students, unemployed people and even employed people (private or government) are able to learn in-demand skills and further build their profiles in the freelance marketplace. She believes programs such as these will really help create awareness and demand for Freelancing in Sindh. Pakistan currently holds the fourth position in global ranking in freelancing work. This means that people across Pakistan are already cashing in on this online market and are making thousands of dollars.

The talented people of Interior Sindh should not be left behind in this race to the top. The future of the modern world is online, and if used properly as a learning tool, can help individuals gain skills that will get them secure high-paying projects and similarly, for small businesses and traders through e-commerce services help them increase their earnings too.