KARACHI                       -                  Federal Minister for Shipping and Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi here on Tuesday said that Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf(PTI) government has adopted a mi­cro-management approach to handle COVID-19,a pandemic of global proportions also affect­ing our country that holds its own and peculiar dynamics.

Talking to reporters dur­ing his visit to a Ehsaas Center functional in an urban slum “Chanesar Goth” that fall in his constituency NA 244, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan fully conscious of the plight of the poorest of the poor and the daily wage earners affected due to COVID induced lockdown has earmarked huge amounts un­der Ehsaas Program to help the former in a systematic manner with absolute transparency.

About the ongoing Ehsaas Cash Relief, he said this was one of the components of the Ehsaas Programme and is scheduled to be completed in next two weeks followed by series of similar sup­port for the lowest segments.

Complimenting his state­ment, the Minister said that cri­sis brings along opportunities and PTI government is attempt­ing to pave way for an efficient and regular mechanism to makeup for non existent social welfare infrastructure adding that equal attention was being paid to create economic oppor­tunities for the masses.

Zaidi emphasizing that CO­VID -19 continues to play havoc and a new situation is emerging with every passing day across the globe, said this is time for devel­oping countries like Pakistan to also contemplate situation they would be faced with once the dis­ease is actually controlled.

‘Every third world country is expecting their loans to be waived off while the developed world itself, despite their effi­cient healthcare, social welfare and financial infrastructure are found to pumping in trillion of dollars for the protection of their people,” he stated.

To a question about relevance of lockdown and the need to re­activate business activities, he said people feared to be inflicted with coronavirus would die of starvation and may even resort to anarchy hence a delicate bal­ance has to be maintained with due consideration towards dy­namics of different areas in each province of our countrDifferent parts of the Sindh province have their own dynamics, reiterated the minister while mentioning that even its capital Karachi is diverse in context of situations and requirements of people be­longing to DHA, Mohammad Ali Society, Khudadad Colony and Chanesar Goth like localities - be­ing absolutely different.

“The harsh facts we are cur­rently exposed to have become all the evident that despite de­volution of health, education and social sectors to the provincial government under the 18th con­stitutional amendment nothing was done by the party in power for past several years,” said Syed Ali Zaidi in response to a query.

“Is this not ironical that in the entire northern Sindh, with the exception of Khairpur none of the healthcare facilities hold pro­vision for ventilators,” he said.

The federal minister said”Federal government is working in coordination with the provincial governments and are facilitating each of them in procurement of essential sup­plies needed for public in gen­eral as well as sections, mainly doctors and paramedics, who have emerged as the front line fighters against the pandemic.”