President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of a national government in the country saying the current assemblies would complete their five-years tenure.

He expressed these views in an interview with a private television channel.

The president to a question about the sugar and wheat scandal report, said subsidies were not a new thing as the same had been given by various governments. But now it would be checked whether the subsidies were misused or not.

He was sure that Prime Minister Imran Khan would take action after the forensic report against those found involved in the scandal, he added.

About re-joining of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Aleem Khan as a senior minister in the Punjab cabinet, President Alvi said after clearing in the inquiry report, he had been inducted in the cabinet.

About convening of the session of National Assembly to deliberate upon the current COVID-19 situation, the president said he would talk to NA Speaker Asad Qaisar in that regard.

He said all sections of the society had performed well to control the spread of pandemic. Despite cross fire between the treasury and opposition members against each other about lack of coordination and handling of the coronavirus situation, the federal and provincial governments were performing well to curb the spread of virus.

”Overall consensus is more than the differences,” he added.

About the lockdown issue, President Alvi said after reporting of first case of coronavirus in Pakistan a lot of time was wasted either to impose the lockdown or not. The prime minister did not want imposition of lockdown as it would have severe impacts on the down-trodden segments of the society, particularly the daily-wagers and small businesses.

The poor segments of the society, he said, had showed great restraint in the present lockdown situation.

He added that the government had launched a hefty Rs 1,200 billion relief package to support the industries, businesses and low-income and poor people during the critical time.

The president lauded the role of religious leaders in bringing consensus in the society about social-distancing and banning religious congregations during the period. The media, he said, also played a vital role in sensitizing the people about the spread and control of COVID-19.

He said the Ulema and the government collectively controlled the spread of coronavirus in Gilgit-Baltistan.

He expressed the pleasure that the projected cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan up to April 14 were 15,000, but only over 5,000 cases were reported during the period.

The president said the Supreme Court had asked the government for legislation on the lockdown issue and there must be a law embodying strict action against the hoarders. “Unique situations need unique laws,” he added.

President Alvi said during the lockdown situation, he was giving time to his family, doing his exercise regularly and performing his duty with full commitment. His habit of book reading had also been intact as he had gained more time for reading during the period.

He said the Pakistanis people had suffered a lot during the war on terrorism, the 2005 earthquake and the 2010 flood but they always emerged a resilient nation after the crisis, and they would hopefully again emerge as a resilient nation from the COVID-19 issue.

The president expressed his sorrow over the continuous violation of the Line of Control by the Indian security forces.